by Late Night Drive

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released July 29, 2017

Produced by Late Night Drive in collaboration with
Rochet Productions.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay Rochet.



all rights reserved


Late Night Drive San Juan, Puerto Rico

Just some island boys making Pop Punk.

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Track Name: Bouquet
Staring at the wall again
Contemplating a blank disaster
I kept drowning in my own mistakes
In hopes that I would change
I'm misguided and misplaced
Misguided and misplaced

I'm sitting alone in my safe haven
Staring at myself throughout the window
And realized that I've lost control
Another perfect crime
Kept overthinking, my mind kept sinking
The situation's getting
Way deeper than it should be
I knew you saw right through me

And I saw myself lying in bed
The sheets were up to my head
I've never felt so low
I've never felt so low

Do you remember all those smudges
That I left upon your glasses when we kissed
At 2am while watching "The Breakfast Club"?
Maybe you can't recall, maybe you can't recall

You kept your distance
But I kept you closer more than ever
I feel your breath still running down my neck
Four years and I still can't forget

Saw myself lying in bed
the sheets were up to my head
I've never felt so low
I've never felt so low

I can't replace it, it goes to show that
I can't escape it
With tired eyes I'm hoping
To gain perspective of what I'm facing

I'll write because I just want to let you know
I can't say anything face to face
Track Name: Nimbus
Biting my skin, fingers crossed, I reek of innocence
Kept overthinking all the outcomes rushing through my head
This ship was sinking all the way down to your doorstep
And now it hurts to see promises shattered to pieces

I still miss you and I'm not okay

I'll keep an empty space just in case
You ever wander back into my mind
The thought of you still aches, it's a shame
I only recollected plastic memories
And drowned in pretense

Drowned in pretense

I can't barely sleep nowadays 'cause I'm constantly screaming
Your name in the back of my head
This pen knows all the setbacks
That I've been creating ever since that you left

Am I the only one who's out of place?
It's been four years and I still feel the same
Track Name: Glass & Gravel
Guess I'll bite my tongue again
Since I can't tell you why
I've been waiting outside your porch
With nervous hands and head down low
It fucking kills me that it's cold out here
And I've been knocking on your door
Hoping to see if you could let me in

I swear I never meant to feel like this
And I'll blame it on your smile
It's all I can think of when it's 3am
Your name keeps running through my head

I can't seem to shake you off
The nights are getting longer when I'm alone
And you're the only one that makes me feel this way
I won't lie
My heart's been telling me to stay
But you won't look at me that way
Track Name: Limerence
In honest perspective i was hoping to be
More than just a memory of temporary feelings
It aches to feel like this
My heart cannot breath
'Cause it's drowning in the thoughts
That made us something to be.

I miss you and I'm not okay
I barely find sleep
Hours over state lines never felt so bitter
Staring at the ceiling
Wandering my room
It's funny how you sing the songs I wrote about you
Track Name: Running
I've been asking all these questions
That led me to honest bitter answers
I've been treading out of pace on this island
With sand beneath my feet
And now they're calloused and worn out
Still can't have the words to figure out

Why nights feel lonelier in crowded rooms?
My hands are tied, they won't get loose
I guess some things don't work out like they're supposed to

I can't even trust myself anymore

I'm still running in circles, but not staying in one place
The walls in this house won't keep me from getting out of here
I'm still running in circles, I know the clouds will fade away
We worry too much, but we don't worry enough for ourselves

That's when I realized that the streets weren't as fucked up as I was in the past
I looked back and saw the kid who got cut up with shattered glass
I still want to be somebody
I still want to be somebody

All eyes around me are stuck to the floor
Mistakes are often made
But they're seeds that help us grow

I can't even trust myself anymore

I can't even trust myself with life
(Our story needs a better ending)
Track Name: Exeunt
You're better off living in this piece of paper than in my mind
I wrote this song to be more eloquent cause my words may disappear
I hear your voice from time to time
I'll shake it off but not tonight
I feel so hopeless
I feel so hopeless

I was only eighteen with nowhere to go
buried in silence, trying to grow
your face was showing everywhere
i couldn't been more scared
about the fact that i was all alone
left behind with broken bones
take this mask and hide your face
of course you're not the one to blame

The one to blame
The one to blame

So what's the point of always missing
You if I can't have you back?
You said that actions can speak louder than words
Were you even listening when I gave everything for you?

So sick of feeling like I'm never worth it
So sick and tired of...
So sick and tired of...

So, what's the point of always missing you
if I know I won't have you back?
Track Name: Bloom
I'm growing up and I told myself I'd never hit the ocean floor
There's so much things I haven't learned yet

Despite the places and friendly faces
This island is the only reason I feel out of place
Will you remember my name?

Seventeen: you thought you had the best of me
I've been fixing myself
Picked up the pieces and turned the lights on
I'm trying to look okay in my own eyes this time
I might be lost and alone
But I will find my way home

We tend to embrace our sadness as our own
And we're afraid to let it go
We have to burn our bridges
Sow our stitches
Things get better
I promise you'll be fine

The weather gets better
The clouds will fade away
The weather gets better
Things won't stay the same

Kept my head above water as my feet touched the ground
I cleaned the sand that's stuck between my eyes
Now I can see the light

Things will be...
Things will be just fine

I'm just a flower who's trying to grow